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$ 26.00

Tiny Texas Outline Baseball Tee - Floral

What's so special about it?

Well, besides being able to match with your mini me, here's some more cool features.

  • Handmade on Kids American Apparel Unisex Baseball 
  • Triple stitched to ensure durability
  • Ridiculously soft and lightweight
  • Poly-Cotton blend (50% Polyester / 50% Cotton)
  • Durable rib neckband
  • Raglan 3/4 sleeves

    How long does it take to get?

    • 7-9 days (we're not quite Amazon Prime status....yet)
      • Since each tee is handmade, they take a little longer than factory made things. We like to say that it's because of all of the love and affection that's put into each tee shirt, but the reality is our hands just aren't quite as fast as those big industrial robots. 

    What color are the sleeves?

    • Black, solid black. Not heathered.