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Get to Know Us


Well hello there!


I’m Megan, founder of Beau & Arrow and I’m so pleased you have popped by. I hope that you have found something that has caught your eye!  While you’re here, I thought you might like a peek behind the scenes of my journey into fashion and allow me to share with you how it all began.


I love fashion, I love shopping, and I love customer service.  Ever since working in retail at a store, that most of you would know, at the age of 16, I have been enchanted by the ring of the shop door opening, signaling a new customer excited to try on the latest designs.  The buzz of a customer swishing the change room curtain to one side, revealing a beaming smile and an outfit fitting perfectly and flattering their figure beautifully, thrills me every time! 


‘I helped with that!’ are the silent words I say to myself.  It was then that I knew that to truly satisfy my cravings, I needed to own my own store.


But my soirée with fashion was not always so dreamy.  I first ventured into self-employment at 18 when I attempted to launch my own online fashion store.  Naively believing that my experience as a store associate and a passion for fashion would send droves of raving fans to my store overnight, forced a serious rethink of my career ambitions.  Maybe this wasn't as easy as it looked!  So I returned to employment, tail between my legs and set to work in a local boutique-clothing store, to restore my faith in my ability to sell and immerse myself in fashion again, without the risk to my bank account.


But I was unfulfilled, frustrated and discouraged and thought that perhaps retail wasn't for me.  I had a semester left in college and I contemplated a few different options before settling on the corporate route.  That was going to make the most sense.  It was time for me to grow up and get my big girl job.  So I reluctantly plucked up the courage to tell my employer I was leaving. 


And it was her reaction to my resignation, which spun me onto a completely unexpected path, leading eventually to the creation of Beau & Arrow.   My employer didn’t want me to leave so much that she offered me a partnership in the business if I would stay, on the premise that we open another location together.


My impulsive 20-year-old self said without hesitation, let’s do it!


Looking back now I shake my head for making such a huge and potentially risky decision so quickly, but it felt right and I was already envisioning the possibilities that were to come.  We decided upon Owasso, OK to open the second location and by May of 2012, the lease was signed.  She had given me a partial stake in the business.  We were open by August of 2012 and I couldn’t have been happier.


I was spending 70-80 hours a week with the new store, my ‘baby’.  She had my undivided attention.  I was in love again.  Nothing was going to ruin my dream this time.  And so when a few months later my business partner asked if I would like to buy her out, it seemed that fate had laid its card in front of me for the taking.  My own business was now sat under my nose.


And what then morphed from being another persons’ dream was to now be my dream, Megan’s dream.  My very own dream of being a retailer, a storeowner and back delivering smiles to faces and flattering figures.  Finally.  Beau & Arrow was born.


And I would love to meet you.  Whether you pop into a store and experience the swish of the curtain, or delight in the unwrapping of your parcel as it lands on your doorstep, or sign up to our latest news, my wish is that each and every experience with us, is delightful, memorable and warm. 


I love to chat to my customers so please do drop me a line and tell me what you love or tell me how we can do better.


Love Megan x



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