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Top 10 Trends for Spring

Posted by Megan Saltink on

Maybe I'm alone on this one, and if I am, please feel free to skip ahead, but there's something about the first day of nice weather that just has me itching to go shopping. The anticipation of seeing people out and about and what they're going to be wearing takes me back to days of my childhood where I would look through the Sear's catalog to see what all of the models were wearing. You can thank my mother for the lack of fashion material that I had readily available and at my disposal.
Don't get me wrong, I look forward to the fall and winter every year; being able to wear sweaters layered over even more sweaters, but I need some vitamin D in my life. So, since it's 75 degrees here in Tulsa, Oklahoma today, I felt inspired to share with you guys some trends that we've been noticing in our little world. Until the day of sipping ice cold lemonade on the front porch comes, we'll start prepping our closets.  


1. Big Florals
Prepare to see a lot of soft colors with big, bold, floral prints on all different styles of tops and dress.

2. Corset Belts

Yes, ladies. The belts from the early 2000's are back. Pair with your favorite oversized dress to complete the look for the trend that just broke out. 

3. Tassel Drop Earrings
I'm sure you've seen all of the types of variations by now, but we think these are on track to be as hot as the bauble necklaces were a few years back. Plus, did we mention that they match with just about everything?

4. Athleisure Wear
We've all been doing it for the past year anyway. Now it has a name. Throw on your favorite yoga pants, comfiest oversized tee, and those Roshe's and you'll fit right in with this spring trend.

5. Sport & Casual Bodysuits
Bodysuits are the new boyfriend tees. They're everywhere this year. 

6. Kanye Inspired Tees
Ever since the Saint Pablo tour merch was released, we've been seeing these Kanye inspired tees everywhere.

7.Vintage Inspired Tees
This is one that never seems to really go out of style, but makes an appearance every few years. Time to raid your parents closet and pull out all of those reminiscent tees.

8. Lace Up Everything
If you stopped by your favorite store this winter, you probably started seeing them, but expect to see even more lace up stuff this spring and summer. P.S. if you're looking for a fun DIY project, pinterest has some great tutorials on making your own. 

9. Reflective Sunnies
Even better on days when you don't want to put on mascara.

10. Scrunchies and Ballcaps
Why didn't we just keep everything from our childhood? Scrunchies are back and ballcaps are still going strong. 

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